Social responsibility

Unimet d.o.o works for long-time relationships with its employees. It means that we invest in our workforce through training, educational development and life-long learning. We work for great diversity among the employees and we respect individual differences in culture and ethnicity. Unimet is committed to equal opportunity for all employees and applicants. We respect the right of individuals to achieve professional and personal balance in their lives. We are committed to providing a workplace free from all forms of discrimination. Our goal is to maintain good and healthy relationships among all our staff. We strive for our employees to be proud of working at the company.

As a result of an economy in transition the community in which Unimet works, faces a lot of problems; high unemployment (particularly among younger people), public spaces in need of significant repair and more. Unimet d.o.o addresses these problems in several ways – by giving people jobs, increasing access to entrepreneurial opportunities – by helping entrepreneurs to become Unimet’s sub-suppliers, improving business literacy and encouraging active citizenship. Unimet has helped most of its Serbian vendors with financial means as well as technical equipment.

Unimet d.o.o is the major sponsor of the Jugović Handball Club in Kać. Owing to ours and others sponsorship Jugović Handball Club now employs some 30 people. Through our sponsorship we try to increase people’s interest in sports and healthy living. Our goal is to make Jugović Handball club an attractive recreational activity for young boys and girls. Beside recrational aspects, we also support Jugović in finding and training those who sees handball playing as a career opportunity. Jugović Handball Club has senior players from all parts of Serbia. Jugović is now, after several years of Unimet’s sponsorship one of the best clubs in Serbia.

For Unimet d.o.o environmental management means going beyond just obeying local legislation and preventing hazardous pollution. We strongly believe that good environmental practice is good for business, a fundamental corporate responsibility and a key contributor to sustainable development. In order to make sure we continue to improve in environmental management, we’ll set objectives and targets for the activities where we significantly affect the environment. We’ll measure our performance on these over time and report our progress at least once a year. As a result of our work we have certified our business operations according to the requirements of ISO14001 in 2007.